How to configure XDMCP on Ubuntu 8.10 to make it can be accessed remotely with Cygwin

Mike Bishop mbishop at
Wed Apr 29 23:00:59 UTC 2009

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 05:19:16PM +0800, zhangyq915 at wrote:
>  Hi.
> Which one can tell me how to configure XDMCP on ubuntu 8.10 destkop, so make it can be remotely accessed by means of GUI mode.
> I can use my Cygwin in my PC to access Redhat linux server by means of  XDMCP. But I can not find a right configuration method to finish it on Ubuntu 8.10 desktop.
> Which one can help me. Thank you very much.
> Yongqian Zhang
> -- 

What desktop?

GDM seems not to handle XDMCP of late (and still doesn't in
desktop-9.04), but you can install KDM in it's place.

Then read and configure /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc to suit your needs.
Oh, change /etc/X11/default-display-manager to /usr/bin/kdm
if you are currently using gdm.

Mike Bishop 
Willow, Alaska

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