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michel williams wrote:
> Good day,
> I am a windows xp and vista user. How do I switch for Vista to Ubuntu
> 9.04? Can I switch without reformating my hard drive? Do I choose FAT
> or NTFS  I am very new and would like some assistance. I have no
> experience with Linux. My reading shows this Linus offering to be
> beneficial, as I find MS products lacking. I need something more
> suitable. Thanks for your help (after the laughter...LOL)

Just go to this page http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download and
download the .iso file and burn it to a cd with your cd burning software
like Nero, or whatever you use.  This will give you a live cd that you
can boot from and allows you to try out Ubuntu without touching your
hard drive.  If you decide that you like it and want to install Ubuntu,
you'll use the same cd for the install.  During the install process, you
will be given the option to use the entire hard drive, or to resize the
drive and install Ubuntu in the free space created allowing you to
dual-boot either into Windows, or Ubuntu.

Don't worry about which file system to choose as the installer will set
up everything for you.  You just answer a few simple questions and the
installer takes care of the rest.


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