cannot find -lg2c

Hersh Parikh hershparikh at
Wed Apr 29 05:45:00 UTC 2009


      I m trying to use one software EIGNSOFT 3.0 for data analysis. When I am trying to install the software I am getting following error.

solid at ubuntu:~/t/src$ make all
mkdir -p /home/solid/t/src/smartlib
mkdir -p /home/solid/t/src/smarttables
mkdir -p /home/solid/t/src/smartinclude
mkdir -p /home/solid/t/src/../bin
cp *.h /home/solid/t/src/smartinclude
cp eigensrc/*.h /home/solid/t/src/smartinclude
cp nicksrc/*.h /home/solid/t/src/smartinclude
ar -r libnick.a strsubs.o sortit.o vsubs.o statsubs.o linsubs.o getpars.o xsearch.o gauss.o gds.o
cp libnick.a /home/solid/t/src/smartlib/nicklib.a
gcc -I/home/solid/t/src/smartinclude -pthread -o smartpca smartpca.o twsubs.o mcio.o qpsubs.o admutils.o egsubs.o regsubs.o eigsubs.o eigx.o /home/solid/t/src/smartlib/nicklib.a -L/usr/lib -lg2c -lm -llapack -latlas -lblas -Wimplicit 
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lg2c
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [smartpca] Error 1
solid at ubuntu:~/t/src$

Can anyone tell me how can I fix this error? and lg2c is required for what purpose?

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