Kubuntu 9.04 Woes

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 06:00:37 UTC 2009


Amichai Rotman wrote:

> I really like the look and feel of KDE 4.2.2, although some windows remind
> me of Microsoft Windows too much...

It reminds me of Mac OSX.

> Here I my pending issues:
> Where is KControl Center? - The 'System Settings' app is not advanced
> enough. I like KControl better.

It don't think it is there any more. Look for System settings or
something like this from the "K menu".

> When I open Konqueror as a file manager and press the F9 key, I get the side
> bar, I click the Services tab - any service I choose I get an error saying
> the service is not supported.

Didn't try this yet.

> I tried looking up all Bluetooth related packages in Synaptic. It seems to
> be OK....

Sorry, no experience with bluetooth on KDE.

> I have more questions, but I'll leave some for later...
> I guess it's all a matter of adjusting myself to the new KDE, so bare with
> me please!

I like the new look and feel though. It appears to be much more cleaner
and simple than KDE 3.5. I just hope they still retain the granularity
of configurations a user can do.



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