Skype not working in 9.04

H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Apr 28 16:39:28 UTC 2009

Pastor JW wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 April 2009 7:19:40 am H.S. wrote:
>> Pastor JW wrote:
>>>  8.10 was non usable as KDE couldn't do anything we needed to do,
>> For instance? I use Hardy and switch between KDE and Gnome. I haven't
>> seen any problems in my usage. There was an audio problem with
>> pulseaudio, but removing pulseaudio (or not using it) fixed that. Other
>> than that, I would like to know what else is wrong.
> Heron is 8.04, was like I said 8.10 that killed KDE  so we did not 

Ah, my bad. For some reason I had Hardy in mind. Sorry.

> upgrade because of it.  We are still using 8.04 as well because KDE works 
> well as does Skype.  Other things we use alot are Open Office, K3b, and 
> LinDVD.  
>>> it seems 9.04 is broken somewhere for Skype doesn't work,  perhaps we'll
>>> have
>> I have reports from some users that it does. As David posted earlier, he
>> got it working by installing the static version from Medibuntu repos.
>> Does that not work for you?

I just now tried Mediubuntu's skype package (the non-static one). Note
that I have installed KDE 4.2 so I figured I would already have the KDE
libraries needed by skype. I suppose had I not had KDE 4.2 installed, I
might need the static version if did not want to pull KDE libraries to
my system from Ubuntu. Moreover, it appears if Skype is compiled against
older KDE libraries, then one might be better off installing the static
version of skype since it comes with necessary KDE libraries.

 After fiddling with audio devices, it appears to be working fine now.
It was giving problem with pulseaudio and also did not work well if I
chose any of the plughw audio devices. Using the hw devices worked
properly .. clearest audio among all the test cases. I tested this will
Skype test call.

But I keep getting the following errors when I run skype from command line:
RtApiAlsa: underrun detected.

RtApiAlsa: underrun detected.


Not sure what they mean really.


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