Skype not working in 9.04

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Tue Apr 28 01:35:19 UTC 2009

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Pastor JW wrote:
> On Monday 27 April 2009 3:35:09 pm David M Lemcoe Jr. wrote:
>> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>> David M Lemcoe Jr. wrote: Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>>>>> David M Lemcoe Jr. wrote: Hello. I recently installed
>>>>>> Xubuntu 9.04 with ext4. I installed it normally from the
>>>>>> .deb for Ubuntu from When I select Skype from
>>>>>> the Applications menu, nothing happens and when I go to
>>>>>> see what
>>>>>> was happening by executing from the terminal, I get this:
>>>>>>>>> david at ubuntu:~$ skype Segmentation fault
>>>>>>>>> david at ubuntu:~$
>>>>>> Does anyone have any ideas why this isn't working? I
>>>>>> really need to use Skype!
>>>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>>>>> David
>>>>>> Skype runs fine on 9.04 when you use Gnome.
>>>>>> Karl
>>> Well I'm clearly not using GNOME.
>>> If you MUST have Skype you might consider using Gnome :-)
>>> Or you can stay with KDE and complain every 2 hours to this
>>> list.
>>> Karl
>> No I'm with XFCE. I love it! Except for the rare repository
>> problems :(.
>> Thanks, and I hate GNOME. haha!
> Thanks for the heads up.  Without Skype I believe I'll have to pass
> on the "upgrade" too till they fix the broken distro.  I also
> really dislike Gnome.  8.10 was non usable as KDE couldn't do
> anything we needed to do, now it seems 9.04 is broken somewhere for
> Skype doesn't work,  perhaps we'll have to still wait till 9.10
> before there is an upgrade from 8.04 suitable for use.  Skype is
> used here at least a hundred times per day in our ministry. And on
> a personal level several times a week to visit with my nine
> grandchildren!!
I'm glad to see it used in such a way! You know what Skype needs to
do, is come out with a NEW VERSION. My my. Linux is on version 2 and
Windows is on 4 and Mac is on 2.7. Why the short end on Linux's side?

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