MD5 crypting

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Apr 27 17:12:59 UTC 2009

On 04/26/2009 12:29 PM, Arda Eden wrote:
> I'm trying to password some menu.lst entries by using md5 cryption.
> I'm using grub-md5-crypt to make the encryption.
> While booting, grub asks for the password but doesn't accept it. (sure I'm
> entering it right)

to see if you've missed any steps.
Or locally: System|Help and Support| - search grub-md5-crypt and click
on Ubuntu Server Guide grub-md5-crypt

> The other interesting thing is every encryption with grub-md5-crypt for the
> same password generates different hashes.

It should give you different hashes each time.

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