Printer Puzzlement

Patton Echols p.echols at
Mon Apr 27 06:53:22 UTC 2009

My laptop runs Hardy,

I have a Brother HL-1440 laser printer with the CUPS drivers from 
brother installed.  The printer is normally attached to an XP box that 
shares the printer.  I have CUPS configured to see it as two printers, 
local and network (Using the same drivers, same settings, just the 
location is different)

If I unplug the usb cable and plug it directly to the laptop, it works 
fine, prints perfectly.  If I print to it as a network printer, the 
print image is shifted down the page about an inch and runs off the 

Has anyone run into this?  I assume that XP is doing something to the 
print stream, but I would not know where to begin.  I have tried a few 
google searches, but all lead back to problems folks are having with 
installing the brother drivers, or problems in the windows environment.  
The windows sharing help is useless.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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