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Faizan Kazi faizan.s.kazi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 05:27:12 UTC 2009

Try Wine Doors. It installs some commonly used windows software in linux
using "wine".

I hope you know what Wine is. If you dont read the rest of this paragraph.
Wine allows you to run windows programs in linux by providing the necessary
dependencies (DLLs and what not). so basically once you've installed wine
you right double click any "exe" file and it should run in linux. if you
perform an install, that program will be properly installed on your system
(Applications Menu >> Wine >> Programs >> [Program Name]).
Note: make sure that for "exe" files wine is selected as the default handler
(right click >> properties >> Open With >> Wine) Or just right click on the
file and "Open with Wine..."

However, I prefer to virtualize a windows install in linux. I use
VirtualBox, did a complete install of windows xp sp3, and now i can run a
complete install of windows xp in linux, without ANY issues. helps, because
I use visual studio a lot for .net development.

but if youre doing this just cuz you like internet explorer... im gonna kill
you :P firefox is so much better.
recommended addons:
downthemall: download manager with resume and acceleration features.
xmarks: saves your bookmarks (and passwords tell it to) and synchronizes
them across all your PCs.
tab mix plus: add some neat tabbing features (tab duplication, re-opening
closed tabs, specially if you closed them by mistake, saving browsing
sessions (in case you want to save your work for later reference)).......

have fun!


2009/4/27 Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) <amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be>

> NoOp schreef:
> > WTF (your quoted) does it matter why the poster is trying to install
> > ies4linux?
> Djeerah is trying to install software X because he wants to use it to
> achieve goal Y. If we know what Y is, perhaps we can give him[*] better
> solutions.
> One of the solutions given was to use a virtual machine, like VirtualBox
> or VMware. I prefer VirtualBox for the desktop and testing development
> stuff, and VMware for the heavy duty virtualization of servers (ESX and
> stuff).
> For virtualization, he would need a valid license for Windows. But
> legally he would need a valid license for Windows anyway, to run
> Internet Explorer.
> [*] I wrote "him", but I don't know if Djeerah is male or female. I
> don't even know if Djeerah is a first or last name. :-)
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> Amedee
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