Virtualbox Seamless Mode with Jaunty Upgrade

Michael Perry mperry at
Mon Apr 27 03:18:32 UTC 2009

Hello all-

I'm curious if others that may run Virtualbox in seamless mode are 
having issues with how the screen is redrawn around the start menu on 
vista or XP guests in virtual 2.2. I've not done a fresh install but 
have upgraded about 3 different systems including 2 laptops that are 
thinkpads. The third system is a no-name AMD64 with an nvidia card. I've 
removed the nvidia drivers and re-installed virtualbox after purging it 
but cannot seem to rid myself of the problems. BAsically, the start menu 
gets all garbled and the background bleeds through and often 
applications I start (there are only two apps I really use these days) 
do not have menu items or are corrupted.

I'm probably going to try a fresh install when I get a new laptop drive 
for my thinkpad T500.

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