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> Cybe R. Wizard schreef:
> > Unmount the volume.  Poof!  Gone from "Places."
> How do you unmount a sftp "volume"?
> You can't, because there is no mounting involved when you connect to a
> remote computer over ssh.
> The only solution is to edit .gtk-bookmarks.
> Just read the rest of the thread, Cybe. ;-)
I just connected to my daughter's computer using Places >Connect To
Server>(Her network IP)
It brought up a Nautilus window showing her / file tree on the right
and an addition, sftp://Her netword IP/, on the left side.
The same thing shows up in the menu, "Places," between, "Network," and,
"Connect to Server."
If I right click on that sftp: thingie in the left side Nautilus window
it offers me the option to , "Unmount Volume."  When I click on that
option the sftp: thingie in the, "Places," menu goes away.
Pretty sure I've been following right along, what am I missing?

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