Installing Ubuntu

Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) amedee-ubuntu at
Sun Apr 26 19:49:10 UTC 2009

Charlie Kravetz schreef:
> On Sun, 26 Apr 2009 20:44:41 +0200
> "Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu)" <amedee-ubuntu at> wrote:

>> I suggest installing with the Alternate CD, followed by "sudo aptitude
>> install xubuntu-desktop" to get a lightweight gui, XFCE.
> Please just download and install Xubuntu. If you install Ubuntu, then
> add Xubuntu-desktop, you still get all the gnome apps that are slowing
> it down. 

Ah yes, it seems that the Alternate also installs a desktop. I didn't
know that, I thought it just installed a text-only system.
Perhaps installing a Server edition would do the trick?

I really should stop giving advice about cd-based installations because
my current Ubuntu is installed with debootstrap... ;-)

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