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On 26/04/09 02:08 PM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>         Click on Places and then click again on "Connect to Server". 
> This brings up a panel. The top setup is Service type and you want to 
> change that to SSH. Below that is a setting called Server: and here you 
> put in the IP number of the computer you want connect to like 
> and then skip down to where you can put in a name that you 
> want to connect to. Then put a check in Add bookmark. Just below that 
> put in a name you like that tells you which computer this is. For 
> example laptop-15. Now click on the Connect button.
>         Next a panel comes up asking for a Password. Enter the proper 
> information and click on Connect.

Even better yet, use key-based authentication and you won't have to
enter a password every time you want to open an ssh/scp session to the
other machine. Use a key manager to keep the key in memory so that you
won't be challenged for your private key's passphrase every time. In
KDE, Dolphin, Konqueror, and all KDE dialogs are networking
protocol-aware so you can access a remote filesystem as easily as you
access a local one by using "smb://" (for Samba) or "fish://" (for SSH).

I've noticed in other distros I've used, like Mandriva, that if I had my
private key in ~/.ssh, after logging in to KDE but before I would see
the desktop, I would get a dialog for entering my passphrase. I can
invoke that same dialog in Kubuntu by doing "K Menu>>Run Command..." and
typing "ssh-add" but it's not as convenient. I'd like to have that
dialog come up before the desktop so that things that are dependent on
my private key being unlocked, like Konsole sessions and fish:// session
in Konqueror to remote machines, can use that key for auth. I've never
managed to get the ssh-add dialog coming up early enough in the KDE init
cycle in Kubuntu for it to work properly.

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