Newbie still confused about potential for virus problems on Ubuntu

Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) amedee-ubuntu at
Sun Apr 26 17:56:37 UTC 2009

wirechief schreef:
> Please tell that to the makers of rkhunter

A root kit is not a virus!!!

A root kit is a set of tools that a hacker installs on your system when
(s)he has compromised it. But (s)he has to have access to your system
first! Usually they get access via bad configured services (weak
passwords etc)

> and all the various linux programs designed to find these things that
> do not bother linux, tell the people who make clamav they are
> wasting their time making anti-virus for linux,

ClamAV is mainly an anti-virus for mail gateways. It is irrelevant what
the operating system is of the gateway. The most vulnerable thing is the
mail client.

> maybe they could spend it making money on windows systems, do you
> think you can convince them ?

I don't have to convice anyone.
The simple fact that the ClamAV project is still alive, means that they
must be doing something good.

If I had Linux mailserver + Windows mailclient, then I would use ClamAV.
But I have Linux mailserver + Linux mailclient, so I don't need it.
It's just as simpel as that. Everything else is FUD. Please stick to the
facts and don't troll...


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