Sound gone with 9.04

Daniel Bicknell danielbicknell63 at
Sun Apr 26 15:37:35 UTC 2009

|Having similar sound issues on a Gateway MX6955 laptop.  I upgraded last
|night and haven't had any sound since.  It worked fine with Ubuntu 8.10
|but now I can't get anything.  I'm wondering if the 'TEST' button in
|sound preferences should replay sound or is this just hardware testing?
|I've been trying various combinations of 'mixer' settings as noted above
|but to no avail.
|On other fronts, I don't seem to be experiencing any other issues.

Replying to my own message here - suddenly the sound is working.  I'm not
sure if this is related as a fix or if this is another bug.  One of the
things that I tried was clicking on Admin>System Testing.  All I got here
was a busy icon.  However, it was shortly after that, and a reboot (no, this
was not the first reboot I tried), that I noticed I had sound.


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