A USB drive as (1) 160 GB partition sole purpose data

Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Sun Apr 26 14:55:17 UTC 2009

(fixed quoting order)
Juan De Mola schreef:
> On 4/25/09, allen meyers <texas.chef94 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I will state what I am doing, not attesting to it being right and await
>> your critique.
>> 1.I can plug it in, go places and it shows on left tree 160GB. To the
>> right is a data folder and right of that folder Lost+found
>> 2. I can right click on a given file to move to said partition, choose
>> send, the, removable disk & shares, send to 160GB media
>> 3. When I right click on 160GB icon + properties I see the file pie as
>> if I was in windows C and it shows the presence of what I sent, but not
>> titled.
>> 4. This begs the question of an option to move data to partition titled
>> so that it can be retrieved edited or used please advise
>> Finally because I have experienced 2 error 15's I am reluctant to shut
>> down until someone advises me as to the following
>> (a) is it safe to unmount leave plugged in and shutdown with no danger
>> of an error 15 at reboot.
>> (b) is a safer course unmount, unplug, shut down
>> (c) Finally at reboot assuming used option (b) is it plug in, boot or
>> boot, plug in.
>> Please advise
> And what fs has the partition?

Actually that does not matter at all.

I have the same problem: if I leave an usb disk plugged in at reboot, I
also get a GRUB error 15.
Tested and verified with fat32 and ext3.

I have only two workarounds:
1. never reboot
2. when I reboot, first unplug all usb devices, reboot, and only after
grub and the kernel are loaded, plug the usb devices back in.


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