'ati' video driver and older cards (no RadeonHD), a little question...

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Sun Apr 26 12:45:16 UTC 2009

On Sun, 26 Apr 2009 13:14:27 +0600
Faizan Kazi <faizan.s.kazi at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a Mobility Radeon x1400 and am using the open source (default ubuntu)
> drivers and its working great! the compiz benchmark gives me over 30 fps at
> all times, usually ~120 when running regular desktop programs, over 80 fps
> when watching a 1280 HD video, ~660 fps in glx gears. The strange thing is,
> I get a LOT of flickering when running glxgears (just in its own window),
> otherwise all desktop programs are fine, except sometimes in firefox there
> is light flickering around the scroll bar (probably something to do with
> compiz fusion and all the crazy effects ive enabled).
> I would recomend an x1600 desktop card. its fairly powerful card, capable of
> running most current games decently, so for desktop usage it won't be
> outdated any time soon :)

Thanks for the feedback, gives me confidence. I don't fancy the
flickering, but having tried compiz 4 years ago, I too think that it is
due to compiz not the video driver, so since I don't use desktop
effect, I should be fine.

I don't think I will take an X1600 though, it's too powerful. I don't
need lots of 3D performance as I don't play 3D intensive games (or any
3D game really). I am looking for a low to mid-range card, so that the
power consumption is low enough to allow for a fanless cooling, using a
not too big heatsink.
3D wise, I don't need lots of performance (mostly for GoogleEarth and
simple CAD rendering), so any card will do really.
Using these criteria, my current card is an Nvidia Geforce 6200.

I searched ebay (France), and after narrowing down, it came up with
only one model, the X300SE, which fits my requirements above.

Only 5 Euros, auction ending tonight, will try that...


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