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> Hello,
> I recently downloaded the iso file of the latest version of Ubuntu to
> install on my laptop. When I put the cd into my laptop, the autoplay
> is not working. I am not getting a menu of any sort. I can explore the
> contents of the cd and the autoplay feature is working on another computer
> of mine, which is a desktop. Also, when I try to boot from the disk, I am
> getting an error and I can't boot from the CD. What should I do? Any help
> would be greatly appreciated.

It was a disaster for me.  A terrible disaster.
This bugger is a 1.8 ghz Pentium 4 that I'm running.  But I tried installing
Ubuntu 9.04 and not only did it crawl like molasses but nothing could be
done with it.
Indeed I'm not sure if the menus were supposed to work in a similar fashion
to MS Windoze, but I tried left clicking, right clicking, double clicking,
just waiting to see if they drop on their own - nothing.
A misaligned screen display didn't help much, I suppose. But after all the
hope and hype and buildup and anticipation that I had subjected myself to --
I was really let down.
I was really hoping it would be my salvation from Windoze. No. It was
useless. So I'm back with Windoze 2000 and the very least I can say about it
is -- well.... it works.

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