A USB drive as (1) 160 GB partition sole purpose data

allen meyers texas.chef94 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 21:28:42 UTC 2009

I will state what I am doing, not attesting to it being right and await
your critique.
1.I can plug it in, go places and it shows on left tree 160GB. To the
right is a data folder and right of that folder Lost+found

2. I can right click on a given file to move to said partition, choose
send, the, removable disk & shares, send to 160GB media

3. When I right click on 160GB icon + properties I see the file pie as
if I was in windows C and it shows the presence of what I sent, but not

4. This begs the question of an option to move data to partition titled
so that it can be retrieved edited or used please advise

Finally because I have experienced 2 error 15's I am reluctant to shut
down until someone advises me as to the following
(a) is it safe to unmount leave plugged in and shutdown with no danger
of an error 15 at reboot.
(b) is a safer course unmount, unplug, shut down
(c) Finally at reboot assuming used option (b) is it plug in, boot or
boot, plug in.

Please advise 

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