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Derek Broughton derek at
Sat Apr 25 17:58:26 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:

> Willis Taylor wrote:
>> Please read before biting my head off.  I used the update manager in
>> System>Admin. to upgrade my computer from 8.10 to 9.04 and killed the
>> machine.  I have installed Hardy, 8.04 and now need my LaCie 4L label
>> burner and Simple Labeler put back into place.  When I try to install
>> using gdebie for a DEB file and when I try to download the rar to
>> convert with alien I receive the following message.  In the case of a
>> deb file the extension changes of course.
>> Please, some super birght person on the forums has already demonstrated
>> his inability to comprehend and told me I an't use a rar file (he never
>> heard of alien?) and I am professing ignorance already, I just need a
>> little help.  The sample message follows;

It never helps to insult the people who are trying to help you.  I've heard
of alien, I use it, and I haven't known it to be able to use rar files.  
>> /tmp/lightscribe- could not be opened,

An rpm isn't a rar, and you can't just expect to click on an rpm online and
have it opened by alien (that's what it _sounds_ like you're doing, but
perhaps not).  _Download_ the file (ie, "save to disk"), then in a terminal
use either: "fakeroot alien /tmp/lightscribe-"
or "sudo alien /tmp/lightscribe-" (the former
doesn't need you to actually become root, but you likely don't have
fakeroot installed, so you may need the latter).  Then install the
resulting .deb as normal.

>> because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the
>> association in your preferences.
>     I should bite your head off. In 500 words you obscured the problem.
> The problem you have is a Fedora .rpm package can not be opened in
> Ubuntu Jaunty. Seems a lot of needed libs are not in Ubuntu.

Sheesh, Karl, what do you think "alien" is for?  It converts rpms to debs
(amongst other things) and ...
>     A well done RPM should list the needed support files it can't find.
> If it does copy them down and use $ sudo apt-get install to load them.
> Then try loading the rpm again.

... converts the rpm dependencies to apt dependencies so that you don't need
to manually install them.

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