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Philip Wyett philwyett at
Sat Apr 25 17:04:09 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-04-25 at 10:51 -0600, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> The GUI way to use ssh to connect two, or many computers 
> together is very simple to do. To begin you need to install sshd on all 
> the computers. It is not part of the normal Ubuntu so you need to 
> download it. This is done in a terminal by typing $ sudo aptitude 
> install sshd.
>         You need to be using Gnome on the computer that is connecting to 
> the others. This is because you need to have "Places" available for use. 
> Here now is how you connect the other computers.
>         Click on Places and then click again on "Connect to Server". 
> This brings up a panel. The top setup is Service type and you want to 
> change that to SSH. Below that is a setting called Server: and here you 
> put in the IP number of the computer you want connect to like 
> and then skip down to where you can put in a name that you 
> want to connect to. Then put a check in Add bookmark. Just below that 
> put in a name you like that tells you which computer this is. For 
> example laptop-15. Now click on the Connect button.
>         Next a panel comes up asking for a Password. Enter the proper 
> information and click on Connect. Now look at the Desktop and you will 
> see a device called "sftp on" and it looks like a folder! 
> It is that other computers files, all of them. Just click on the folder 
> and it comes up in the Desktop - File Browser. You should know how to 
> use this.
>         Now turn off the connection. Do this by a right-hand click of 
> the folder and select Unmount Volume. That drops the connection. Now to 
> regain the connection just click on Places and see now the listing for 
> laptop-15 under Bookmarks on Hardy or just Places on Jaunty.
>     This is a great way to administer a bunch of computers. You can 
> bring everything from distant computers to yours, without knowledge of 
> this to the other user. Slick :-)
> Karl

Nice one Karl. This is one of the lesser known gems I show people and
how good is it. The ability to do this and never install a normal FTP
server and have to admin that too/lessens the amount of open ports and
just admin the one good thing that is SSH server.


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