Ubuntu Install for RS6000-B50 2U Rack Mount Server.

Nyle Davis davisoft at mail.com
Sat Apr 25 14:09:55 UTC 2009


Trying install of 8.04 on RS6000-B50 2U Rack Mount server.  Opened forum
thread at:


I'm hoping someone has some experience with this box.  It is hard to find
online as there are sooo many models of the RS6000-B50.  The 2U Rack
Mount unit is a 7046-B50, but that model also had tower units as well. 
The hardware is different for the tower units as they hold more cards and
drives.  The 2U Rack Mount unit only holds 2 SCSI drives (mine are
18GB).  It also only hold 2 PCI cards, where the tower holds 8-10. 
CD-ROM is SCSI, has one floppy, on board NIC, MAU port, COM1, COM2, some
sort of S-Video connector and audio codec jacks.  Looking for rear end
photo to show.


Nyle Davis/OldManRiver

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