Remote Operation of a Computer

Gilles Gravier gilles at
Sat Apr 25 04:54:52 UTC 2009

Hi, Franz!

Franz Waldmüller wrote:
> Kipton Moravec schrieb:
>> I have two Ubuntu Linux Computers one is located about 5 miles away in a
>> not easily accessible location. 
>> I am guessing there is a way from one Computer to log into the other
>> Computer and have the Gnome Desktop and the whole GUI of the remote
>> computer on my local computer.
> As you are using Linux you could access just the applications you need:
> I am using ssh to launch certain application on a remote server (a 
> desktop can be a ssh-server, too) and display it on the local computer.
> this is the command I type: (-Y is the option to forward graphical 
> applications)
> ssh -Y username at IP-Server
> of course you need the use the "username" of the remote server
> then you can launch applications from the command line
> if you use "&" after the command you don't need one terminal session per 
> application
> e.g.
> gedit &
> ssh is quite secure. I don't want to bother with vulnerabilities of 
> different services and just need certain applications.
> Please use Public key authentication and disable password login at your 
> server.
> For larger sessions over ssh I remember something like xnest but I never 
> tried it.
> ssh can be used in file managers as well to access your files on the 
> remote server. All transfer with ssh is encrypted. Take encryption into 
> account when evaluating different options to access your remote machine.
> I wish you luck
> Franz
By ssh -Y, I'm sure you mean ssh -X ...

-X is the option to do X11 port forwarding.

And you have to make sure you have the proper option in
/etc/ssh/sshd_config set :

X11Forwarding yes

Keep in mind that you don't get some of the benefits of GNOME
integration by doing just port forwarding (unlike with vino where you
get all the things like copy/paste and DBus integration).


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