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Sat Apr 25 01:43:57 UTC 2009

On Friday 24 April 2009 5:11:06 pm H.S. wrote:
> John Heinen wrote:
> > In my opinion and experience all treats/discusions  about ubuntu ""dial
> > up" are out of date.
> > I would like hear from someone who has a "working" ubuntu  dial up on
> > his machine.
> In my experience, it works the best (and the easiest) if the modem is a
> hardware modem. Having said that, which modem do you have and what have
> you tried?

That is my opinion also.  Having run a multi-line BBS from 1976 thru 2002, we 
found even mickysoft machines work only poorly with a win-modem and would 
move from around 19k to around 52k with a hardware modem on the same machine.  
We also found US Robotics modems ONLY attained their advertised speed if 
connected to another US Robotics modem.  Because of that, although US 
Robotics gave us three modems for the price of one, we used Supra and later 
Zoom modems for higher transfer rates they consistently provided.

73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n><   PDGA# 35276
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