[OT] was Ubuntu has gone!

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Fri Apr 24 17:28:43 UTC 2009

Thorny wrote:

>> Its childish and petty to refuse to help a newbie because
>> they're not following some set of rules you think everyone should follow
>> but are not set in stone by the Admin.  Unless the Admin of this group
>> sets such rules in stone they are suggestions only and "cannot" be
>> enforced by anyone as "the rules".
> Suggestions from posters to follow the guidelines are just what they are,
> suggestions. Not all posters make the threat you dislike, 

I'm not sure you can even say "some".  I'm the only person I can recall who
has actually suggested anything of the sort - and I have NEVER "refused" to
help someone who top-posts or fails to trim.  I just won't go to too much
trouble.  Which means that if, after I've asked someone not to top-post,
and they go ahead and do it anyway - thus leaving a thread involving at
least two top-posts intertwined with two in-line posts that's completely
illegible - I stop trying.  And I only mention it because I'm convinced
that that's extremely common behaviour, but most people just stop posting
rather than saying anything about it.

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