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> On Fri, 24 Apr 2009 14:56:08 +0800
> Christopher Chan <christopher.chan at> wrote:
> > 'Edubuntu' is really just a name for a set of packages (software)
> > designed for educational purposes.
> >
> > All those packages can be found in the Ubuntu software repositories.
> >
> > You do not need to download a separate CD unless you want to.
> My understanding is that there is no separate CD.  You install Ubuntu,
> then install Edubuntu-desktop or Edubuntu-desktop-KDE.
> >
> > Just search for 'edubuntu' in Synaptic aka the Package Manager.
> >
> ...and Bob's your uncle.

Praise "Bob".  And with a little hunting I did indeed find and make the
Edubuntu CD.
Jaunty Jackalope edition even.  That was a little trickier to find (except
for a beta version) but I found it.
I am just about finished archiving anything worth saving (time consuming
since I have a demanding daughter to divide my time with - and a wife).
Regardless, the Edubuntu .iso file was located so it does exist.

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