[Ubuntu 8.04.2] Wanted: manual page for gvfsd-cdda

Detlef Lechner Detlef.Lechner at gmx.net
Fri Apr 24 14:16:51 UTC 2009


'~$ man gvfsd-cdda; No manual entry for gvfsd-cdda'. Where to obtain
information about this command? (k3b does not work properly because
gvfsd-cdda uses already the CD-ROM drive.)
The information in
Synaptic: "gvfs is a userspace virtual filesystem where mount runs as a
separate process which you talk to via dbus. gvfs also contains a gio
module that seamlessly adds gvfs support to all applications using the
gio API. gvfs mounts can be exposed to non-gio applications using fuse.
The DEB program package gvfs-cdda contains the following backends:
archive, burn, cdda, computer, dav, dnssd, ftp, http, localtest,
network, obexftp, sftp, smb, smb-browse and trash."
is insufficient.


Detlef Lechner

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