Sucess! - was Re: Upgrade problems?

Knute Johnson knute2009 at
Fri Apr 24 04:48:22 UTC 2009

Knute Johnson wrote:
> wirechief wrote:
>> today is not a good day to do a upgrade, those servers are at max.
>> hopefully you followed the
>> advice given
> I did and it seems to be proceeding this time.
> Thanks everybody.

So here are the final details.  b43-fwcutter did not upgrade for some 
reason but was fixed after the fact with aptitude.  My installation is 
xubuntu and the xfce desktop did not load after the upgrade.  Required 
using the 'startxfce4' command and then saving the session.  All appears 
to be working, I'll post if any problems show up.

So far I'm ecstatic!


Knute Johnson

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