Virtualisation with already installed XP? uEOv2KZpwhGYl0/hwJJAXJCYKeLHh9njVFt1a+skNACtVV6oHv n2Q6ISTyBVXJQ5ddJC5vQ==

Evans Jahja smkururu at
Thu Apr 23 13:44:49 UTC 2009

Neil Cherry wrote:
> I have a laptop setup with dual boot (XP Home and Ubuntu). I'd like to
> know is it possible to install some kind of virtualization software
> that will allow me to use the existing XP partition? I have need of
> some embedded development software that uses the USB and Windows.
> Thanks
You mean you want to run Ubuntu on Windows XP? You can try Microsoft 
Virtual PC for that, which is free. There are some alternatives if you 
hate M$, like Virtual Box from SUN Microsystem, which is free also.


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