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Raquel raquel at thericehouse.net
Wed Apr 22 23:32:25 UTC 2009

On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 17:19:03 -0400
Shannon McMackin <smcmackin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Raquel wrote:
> > My HP G70 has a touchpad that was able to be disabled using the
> > keyboard switch with Vista installed.  However, with Ubuntu
> > Intrepid installed the switch does not disable the touchpad.  Is
> > there any way in Ubuntu to accomplish that task?
> > 
> Is it a synaptics touchpad?
> If so, you can install gsynaptics and the xorg driver from wgrant's
> PPA and have software control.
> You can always disable it in the BIOS...

I haven't been able to determine whether it's a synaptics touchpad or

Isn't disabling it in the BIOS kind of like using a chainsaw to take
a speck out of my eye?

I'm currently using a little program called 'touchfreeze'.  I'll let
you know how it works out.  So far so good.

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