Printing Options Reduced

Stephen stephanos at
Wed Apr 22 23:06:17 UTC 2009

Dear All

I am using Thunderbird, with Kubuntu 8.10. I have two printers 
whose options such as draft etc are accessible from all other 
applications including Firefox.

When I Chose Print (Ctl + P) a Print window appears which allows me to 
chose which printer I wish. Then after selecting either of the two 
printers and choosing Properties, I do not see the same printing options 
I would see with Firefox. Instead I see a very limited options of Paper 
size; colour/greyscale; margin adjustment. Gone are all the output 
options that I normally see with Firefox.

On my laptop with Kubuntu 8.04 I do get the printing options I would 
expect with Thunderbird and Firefox gives me these options as well.

How to  I get access to all of the printing options?

Any help appreciated


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