Any changes to repository info once official 9.04 comes out?

Steven Susbauer steven at
Wed Apr 22 22:39:40 UTC 2009

Arch Willingham wrote:
> I'm running the beta version of 9.04 on several machines (I love it!). Is there anything that I need to manually change once the 9.04 comes out tomorrow in terms of settings for the repositories and/or updates?? Right now under software sources, it is set to these:
> -  distribution: jaunty
> -  distribution: jaunty
> -  distribution: jaunty
> Under Ubuntu Updates, it is set liek this:
> Important security updates (jaunty-security) = yes
> Recommended updates (jaunty-updates) = yes
> Prerelease updates (jaunty-proposed) = no
> Unsupported updates (jaunty-backports) = yes
> I don't want it to accidentally start getting 9.10 updates at some point.
> Thanks!
> Arch
No changes are needed, though out of courtesy you might consider
switching to one of the mirrors. They are generally faster and it puts
less strain on the main repo everyone will be using.


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