Issue with Netbook-Remix

Curtis Vaughan cavaughan at
Wed Apr 22 17:22:33 UTC 2009

Hopefully this is the right group to post to.
I am using Ubuntu on an Aspire One with the Netbook-Remix packages for
better viewing.
About a week ago the toolbar became wacked and only shows the language
switcher and the volume control. Nothing else.

I have uninstalled all the packages for netbook-remix and reinstalled, but
the same results. I'm guessing that maybe some config file got wacked for
some reason. But have no idea which. Does anyone have any ideas about how
to restore the toolbar to it's normal state?

Btw, if I use desktop-switcher to switch back to the standard Ubuntu
desktop, then everything is fine. 
I don't know if that helps in figuring out what's going on or not.

One last note. In hopes of maybe fixing the problem by upgrading to
Jaunty, I just finished the upgrade. Of course, it did nothing to eleviate
this issue.


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