How to force automatic change of password?

Res res at
Wed Apr 22 05:20:02 UTC 2009

On Tue, 21 Apr 2009, Jonathan D. Armendariz wrote:

> Hello,
> I had a question that hopefully I'll be able to articulate successfully.
> At work the policy is that automatically we have to change out
> login/network passwords every 60 days or so. Having poked around a bit
> here (9.04) I failed to see a way to set this up in such a manner on my
> box. I'm wondering if this is possible and if so, how? Any suggestions
> would certainly be helpful!

Not in ubuntu atm, but I assume they haven't bastardised it that much to 
avoid /etc/login.defs  ... look for  PASS_MAX_DAYS

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