Onboard and PCI Card

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 21 21:51:27 UTC 2009

On 04/21/2009 12:34 PM, Hakan Koseoglu wrote:
> Hi Kaushal,
> On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 7:45 PM, Kaushal Shriyan
> <kaushalshriyan at gmail.com> wrote:> Hi
>> I have two LAN Cards on my server which is running Ubuntu 8.04. My Server is
>> located on a remote location. is there a way to find out which one is
>> Onboard and PCI Card.
> Unless you know the models, it's a bit tricky.
> Dmesg will give you the card details. If you know the hardware+model,
> you can spot which one is which.
> lspci -v will also give you shedloads of info. Unfortunately can't
> send you any samples,


sudo lshw > lshw.txt

and then have a look at the PCI and Ethernet info in the lshw.txt file.
On one of my systems with an Intel motherboard, I can see that the PCI
bridge is Intel, and the onboard ethernet is Intel as well. network:1 is
an add-on nic:

             description: PCI bridge
             product: 82801 PCI Bridge
             vendor: Intel Corporation
             physical id: 1e
             bus info: pci at 0000:00:1e.0
             version: 02
             width: 32 bits
             clock: 33MHz
             capabilities: pci normal_decode bus_master
                description: Ethernet interface
                product: 82801BA/BAM/CA/CAM Ethernet Controller
                vendor: Intel Corporation
                physical id: 8
                bus info: pci at 0000:01:08.0
                logical name: eth0
                version: 01
                serial: 00:03:47:a4:cc:6a
                size: 10MB/s
                capacity: 100MB/s
                width: 32 bits
                clock: 33MHz
                capabilities: pm bus_master cap_list ethernet physical
tp mii 10bt 10bt-fd 100bt 100bt-fd autonegotiation
                configuration: autonegotiation=on broadcast=yes
driver=e100 driverversion=3.5.23-k4-NAPI duplex=half firmware=N/A
latency=32 link=no maxlatency=56 mingnt=8 module=e100 multicast=yes
port=MII speed=10MB/s
                description: Ethernet interface
                product: NC100 Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet 10/100
                vendor: ADMtek
                physical id: d
                bus info: pci at 0000:01:0d.0
                logical name: eth1
                version: 11
                serial: 00:0c:41:e9:7b:50
                width: 32 bits
                clock: 33MHz
                capabilities: pm bus_master cap_list ethernet physical

Not sure if that will be so easy for your's, but it's worth a try.

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