Black Sunday on what should the community do about it?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Apr 21 09:31:34 UTC 2009

> So, the intention of all this is to decide what sould be done to
> "counterproductive" guys?

Yes. Read the bug. The user in question asked irrelevant questions and
polluted the bug with garbage infomation. He mentioned his Vista
Toshiba laptop, which has nothing to do with the bug in question. He
was trying to help, but did not know how. When he learns how to help,
he is more than welcome to share his input, as I stated. I even
mentioned where his skill level would be better put to use.

> Who are the members of the court?

I asked that in the original mail.

> I think it's quite unfair: most of people are like "michaeldance" in the
> beginning. I have been. Then time works.

So have I been there. But at that time I did not ask irrelevant
questions on bug trackers, I read and learned. This guy wnats to help
the community and that's great. I asked how we can give him direction.
Just letting him wander around aimlessly is hurting, not helping the

> Just let him the time to mature.

No, we should teach him how to help and not hope that he stumbles upon
it by himself while mucking up bug reports with irrelevant
information. Developers have to read those reports, and when they get
messy they are very difficult to deal with.

> The one we should fight against is Microsoft, not "michaeldance".

What is that supposed to mean? Ubuntu is a great operating system by
it's own merits, it doesn't need super villians to fight. I really
don't care what Microsoft is doing, I want Ubuntu to be the best that
it can be and that is why I file bugs. Please take these strawman
arguments elsewhere.

Dotan Cohen

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