Missing hard drive space

jdow jdow at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 21 03:49:08 UTC 2009

heh - that is another sudo job.

You presumably know it's partition number. If not check it out in gparted.

You will need to make a file system on it. You might as well make one you
can write to safely. (I don't consider writing to an NTFS partition safe.)

There should be a graphical tool that runs mke2fs to create the
partition properly setup for ext3 filesystem. "apropos ext3" might
lead you to it.

Go back into gparted and set the fstype to Linux (83). If it allows you
to format a partition do it there. Otherwise you need to run mke2fs.

mke2fs -j -T ext3 /dev/sdd2

Substitute the REAL partition number as read from gparted or fdisk -l
for /dev/sdd2, of course.

Let it finish. Then you can mkdir /media/External/320GB-2 and
"mount /dev/sdd2 /media/External/320GB-2"

It should mount and be writable.

Then you can start moving your data files over to the new Linux partition
so you can work with them easier and more safely. As you clear off an
NTFS partition you can change it to a Linux partition and use it to clear
off the next partition.

(One gotcha before you go much further - you DO know that virtually none
of your Windows programs are going to run under Ubuntu, I hope. You need
dlls that may already be destroyed if you overwrote your windows boot


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> Okay I have reallocated the space in gparted that also tells me what is
> where
> do you know how I should mount these disks
> how do I get permission?


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