Java and timezone issues!

Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Apr 21 02:18:37 UTC 2009

Knute Johnson wrote:

> John L Fjellstad wrote:
>> Knute Johnson <knute2009 at> writes:
>>> Will you try my applet at
>>> and see if it gives you the correct time?  Do you have
>>> /etc/sysconfig/clock or any of the other places that Java looks for
>>> timezone info?  Which version of Java are you running?
>> $ java -version
>> java version "1.6.0_13"
>> Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_13-b03)
>> Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 11.3-b02, mixed mode)
>> Gives correct time here (CEST)
> John:
> Do you have a /etc/sysconfig/clock file?  Adding the
> /etc/sysconfig/clock file makes mine work correctly.  It has an entry in
> it;
> ZONE="America/Los_Angeles"
> and leaving off the quotes makes it NOT work.  This might be the real
> work-around.

As I posted, I don't have that on either system, but it looks like a far
better workaround, if it's consistent, than changing /etc/localtime to a
symlink (and then having to figure out how to make tzdata's postinst script
leave it alone).

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