Missing hard drive space

jdow jdow at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 21 00:01:14 UTC 2009

From: "MG" <m.s0128532 at gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, 2009/April/20 16:47

>I have four disks up in Places now I gave them helpful label names of
> size/filesystem
> it has the NTFS ones, 1 40 gig I just brought up but then it says 
> permission
> denied
> am really close can you tell me how to access them
> how do i use gparted exactly other than to look?
> not sure what size it should b...................................

Alas, I cannot. I have never used it. I always use good old fashioned
obsolete but works fdisk. And it's not really suited for an amateur
driving it.

Paging anybody who can help MG with this one.


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