No V4L support in Ekiga (Jaunty)?

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Mon Apr 20 17:31:28 UTC 2009

2009/4/20 Derek Broughton <derek at>

> Vangelis Papathanassiou wrote:
> > I am not a god, just Aphrodite's child. But thanks to Amedee and Karl for
> > letting me know through their replies that my mails actually reached the
> > list. I did not receive copies of my own mails,
> That's Gmail for you - it never sends you copies of your own mails.
> --
> derek

Thanks to Derek for pointing out this aspect of Gmail's behaviour to me. (I
already had the suspicion, but still too late to prevent me from double

In order to be fair, I have to take back some of my criticism: Ekiga 3.2.0
as in Jaunty _can_ be used in connection with the EyeToy camera in 640x480
mode. The ov51x-jpeg patch must not be installed. However, the support is
unstable in a twofold sense: There's a flicker in the picture (that shows in
all applications that use the webcam picture) and Ekiga now has a propensity
to crash, something I never experienced with Ekiga versions of earlier
Ubuntu releases. (The crashes may be related to the full screen feature, but
that's just a guess.)
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