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And you, sir, by all appearances, are an immature twit attempting to
impress with his erudition. It never works with adults because the
attempt is pretty much like trying to teach your great-grandmother to
suck eggs.

And, since you brought up Godwin's Law, it must apply to you, eh?
Or else it's some alien dropping in from Arcturus 4 or something.

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> On Sun, April 19, 2009 23:25, jdow wrote:
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>> Nonsense.
> Noun
> nonsense (plural nonsenses)
>   1. Letters or words, in writing or speech, that have no meaning or seem
> to have no meaning.
>   2. An untrue statement.
>          He says that I stole his computer, but that's just nonsense.
>   3. Something foolish.
>          * 2008, "Nick Leeson has some lessons for this collapse",
> Telegraph.co.uk, Oct 9, 2008
>                and central banks lend vast sums against marshmallow
> backed securities, or other nonsenses creative bankers
> dreamed up.
> I disagree. Perhaps inappropriate depending on your point of view, but not
> nonsense.
>> You are a human. Humans are adaptable. If you're too lazy to adapt you
>> have proven yourself sub-human. If you show this kind of strident lack of
>> courtesy you're proving you are less than sub-human. You must be a mere
>> machine with a defective parser.
> The above alinea is strange. What you wrote, was the following:
> "T is X. All X have property Y. If T does not have property Y then T is
> not X. T is not X."
> I interpret this as either one of the following:
> * a "reductio ad absurdum". However you have failed to give evidence that
> your subject (Thorny) does not have property Y (the ability to adapt).
> Your reasoning is incomplete and therefor nonsense.
> * a contradiction. Simply put: "T is X. T is not X." Contradictions are,
> by definition, illogical and therefor nonsense statements. This is not to
> be confused with a paradox, which is an apparent (but not an actual)
> contradiction.
> Anyway, one can also say that the topicstarter should have the ability to
> adapt, and should adapt himself to follow the well established norms of
> this list.
>> Since it appears Ubuntu appeals to sub-humans or machines I don't have to
>>  investigate it, after all.
> It sounds a lot more creepy when you translate that to German:
> "Da es scheint, dass Ubuntu nur Untermenschen oder Maschinen appelliert,
> muss ich es schliesslich nicht nachforschen."
> Godwin, anyone?
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