New Amarok - does it suck for others as well?

Jensen Somers jensen.somers at
Mon Apr 20 08:24:56 UTC 2009


2009/4/20 Edgars Šmits <ed.smits at>:
> I've been running Jaunty beta now for a week on 2 machines, must say
> I'm impressed - I upgraded my Dell in place (64 Bit), no major issues,
> and I did a clean install on my old EEE-PC, and was impressed,
> everything worked out of the box - WiFi, camera etc. To get Intrepid
> working on it I spent many hours tracking down various things, this
> time nada, good work!
> However - has anyone else noticed how useless the new Amarok (I think
> it's 2.02) is that comes with it? New GUI, takes forever to inventory
> my music (~120 Gb), it didn't pick up my podcast subscriptions or
> playlists etc. etc. It used to have a great feature - plug in an iPod,
> you could right mouse click on a podcast on the iPod, choose subscribe
> to this podcast, and done, very cool, that's lost etc. etc.
> I have given it a week and now would like to return to the old Amarok,
> it looks like I'll have to uninstall the new version and compile the
> old version from source myself, the old version isnt being offered any
> more in the Jaunty repositories.
> Does anyone find the new version better/faster/more useful in any way?
> And yes, I know Jaunty is only RC, but Amarok isn't, and I have all my
> updates in place....
> Just venting
> ED

It sucks indeed. They rewrote it from scratch but did not yet include
any of the features which make it so great. I am a Gnome user, but
Amarok is the only music player which fully did what I wanted it do

Luckily there is a PPA for Amarok 1.4 so you don't need to compile it
from source:

- Jensen

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