Are ATI graphics cards any good?

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Mon Apr 20 00:32:57 UTC 2009

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> So ive tried ATI twice and both times not had a very positive experience.

i've got a hp laptop with a 200m ati card and the video goes bonkers when i
try to install 8.10.  i may try 9.04 when it comes out of beta and see what
happens.  i had a box with a nvidia 5200 fx card that took to ubuntu like a
duck to water.  i couldn't use the proprietary driver because it made oo goe
bonkers, but i don't use effects so it was no big deal to me.

otoh, i had an old ati rage pro card that accepted ubuntu.  in my experience
the older ati cards work well with linux, but the newer cards are, well,
flakey.  they work during installation until it comes time to configure the
device and then they blow up in your face.

i feel that nvidia cards are more linux friendly and are a better all round
cards than ati.  my $0.02.

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