ncftpget recursive -R not working

Res res at
Sun Apr 19 22:08:08 UTC 2009

On Sun, 19 Apr 2009, aldana wrote:

> Doing following does not download anything:
> ncftpget -T -R -v -u user -p pwd /home/tmp /www

Firstly, are you trying to download /www as in  /home/username/www  or 
%root%/www ?

Most ftp servers will not allow 'root' to login, so i hope you are not 
trying %root%/www, unless  'user' has  /www as their login dir, if www is 
a directoy within your remote login, do *not* include the preceding / , so 
/www is really just www

ncftpget -T -R -v -u user -p pwd /home/tmp www

Do you have write permissions for /home/tmp on your local machine

> Appending an asterix does download something but not recursively

Doesn't need it.


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