All in one printers

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Apr 19 11:25:37 UTC 2009

> Hi gang,
> Last week or a couple of weeks ago there was a thread about the
> compatibility of different printers with unbuntu along with their
> quality etc...
> Anyhow it go me thinking.  I'm looking to buy an all in one network
> inkjet printer over the next little bit.  Is there something people
> would recommend or equally good something to avoid?  (Right now, I'm not
> all keen on Brother.)

Although it is not a network printer, I love my HP 4255. It has
integrated fax, scanning, and printing, and because it is an inkjet it
starts up immediatly and I can cheaply refill the ink cartridges
(trivial to do on most HP's). The Linux drivers have lots of features
(including margins, print quality, and such) and as they are the
_same_drivers_ from most HP printers, Ubuntu and most other Linux
distros include them out of the box. My D-Link router has a USB
printer function, which gets me around the issue that the printer does
not have networking built in.

I should mention that I bought the HP printer and D-Link router with
USB printer function specifically because those two companies state ON
THE BOX that they support Linux. Companies that want my business say
so, I don't guess.

Dotan Cohen

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