NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 19 02:46:04 UTC 2009

On 04/18/2009 03:36 AM, Daniel Dalton wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 05:19:46PM -0700, NoOp wrote:
>> Here is the link with the written instructions that Cybe gave you:
>> http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php
> Yes. That's the one I found.
>> It's all text, so you shouldn't have any problems with it - if you do
>> let us know. Rather than using the Synaptic GUI, you can simply:
> No it's fine.
>> gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
>> and at the end add:
>> # wicd repository: http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php
>> deb http://apt.wicd.net hardy extras
> Actually. 
> sudo su && echo "deb http://apt.wicd.net hardy extras" >>
> /etc/apt/sources.list
> And if you wanna add a comment, use the -e option with appropriate \n.

gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
# wicd repository: http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php
deb http://apt.wicd.net hardy extras

works just fine for a sighted user & I suppose the same for an unsighted
user that is using assitive technology.

You can of course leave off the comment:
# wicd repository: http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php
but I prefer to include one so that I know where I obtained the info from.

sudo su && echo "deb http://apt.wicd.net hardy extras" >>

doesn't work (for me) and using 'sudo su' leaves the user in the
superuser root mode, which is not a good thing to do.

None of the methods below are suggested or supported by the designers of
sudo -i     (equivalent to sudo su - , gives you roots environment

>> sudo apt-get update
> Yes, I know, just use the command line, tools, I just made the
> comment. sorry.
>> sudo apt-get upgrade
> Not strictly necessary.

Perhaps not, but it does ensure that everything is up to date prior to
installing wicd.

>> sudo apt-get install wicd
>> Keep in mind that wicd will remove the network-manager & that it's
> Yes, as the conflicts section says in aptitude... BTW, is aptitude
> recommended over apt-get?

It's a matter of some debate; apt-get is recommended by Ubuntu so that
is typically what I use.


>> generally best to log out and back in afterwards (reboot shouldn't be
> Indeed.
>> necessary, but certainly can't hurt either).
> No, restarting the daemon or gui should be fine.

It should. The command would be:

sudo /etc/init.d/wicd {start|stop|restart|force-reload}

However I've found from experience that at least logging out/in works
best & on some occasions a reboot. It's been awhile, but I'll uninstall
& reinstall wicd to determine which works best. That said, I recommend
that you try it first before offering counter advise on an application
that you've not yet tried.

> Sorry, just thought I would point this stuff out.

As do I. I'm not attempting to be pedantic here, just offering advise on
what has worked for me on numerous wicd installations in the past.

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