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Sun Apr 19 02:00:16 UTC 2009

Hi Michael

On Friday 17 April 2009 21:38:59 Michael Haney wrote:
> Ubuntu uses CUPS the Common UNIX Printing System which was originally
> developed by Apple for Mac OS X and was released as open source.  I've
> read somewhere that Ubuntu using CUPS supports over 3,000+ printer
> models out-of-the-box.  Show me a Windows install that does that!
> Anywho, I had an HP all-in-one printer/scanner and it worked perfectly
> and the older Konica Minota laser printer I got off Craigslist a
> couple of months ago also works with Ubuntu without install any
> additional drivers at all.  I just plugged it in and it worked, how
> easy is that?
> That is why I love Linux, it just works.
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And yet there are numerous models that don't work in Ubuntu or Linux in 
gerneral for now. One might get a false sense of "I can just get any printer" 
from the above. I agree with the general sentiment that I seem to see re HP 
printers being a good/safe option however from a number of other posts. Mine 
is a HP Photosmart C4280 all in one and works brilliantly


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