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On 04/17/2009 10:17 PM, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
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>> I'm not following you. For example:
>> openoffice.org-help-en-us (as were
>> all of the above) was originally installed via Synaptic.
>> Therefore one
>> would _assume_ that they would have been installed properly
>> to begin with.
>> I find no aptitude gui (well other than the x/terminal
>> window DOS type
>> standard 'aptitude', is there some other?
>> How does tasksel come into play? - you've completely
>> lost me on that one.
> If you run(type) aptitude on the cli it will open the aptitude gui. Pull down the installed list and scan.  Some will be marked auto or manual.  You can change or mark anyone package  as autoinstall or manual from the Package drop down menu.
> Tasksel also had a packate list menu that could be marked auto or manual and changed as in aptitude but I just opened it and it's not the way it used to be but it has been a long time since I last used it. I am very sure what I've said about tasksel was so at one time but all I get now is a gui listing of things to install but not a package listing. It could be I got the wrong file name but don't think so.
> If you want to know if the package is auto installed then run aptitude show pkgname. I'm sure the aptitude and apt-get or apt-cache has an option to mark packages accordingly also but haven't checked.
> My point in the reply is that apt will auto remove any package not used or not a depends for another installed package if it is marked auto but it wont auto remove if marded manual.  If you find that is in error then please let me know.
> Leonard Chatagnier
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