Shell not working properly in emacs on ubuntu

Heike C. Zimmerer nospam08q2 at
Sat Apr 18 20:52:30 UTC 2009

rj <rihaz.jerrin at> writes:

> Hi,
> When i run shell on emacs it's showing some  inappropriate    characters
> for eg:
>> [[mrj at rj-desktop:/usr$ ls
>> ^[[0m^[[01;34mbin^[[0m    ^[[01;34minclude^[[0m  ^[[01;34mlib^[[0m    
>> ^[[01;34m\
>> libexec^[[0m  ^[[01;34mman^[[0m   ^[[01;34mshare^[[0m  
>> ^[[01;34mX11R6^[[0m
>> ^[[01;34mgames^[[0m  ^[[01;34minfo^[[0m     ^[[01;34mlib64^[[0m  
>> ^[[01;34mlocal\
>> ^[[0m    ^[[01;34msbin^[[0m  ^[[01;34msrc^[[0m
>> right now i am using ubuntu jaunty, but it was like the same on 
>> previous versions.
>    How  to correct them?

Your ls output is colored, which the emacs terminal by default isn't.
Type 'M-x ansi-color-for-comint-mode-on' ('M-x ansi-co[TAB]' will suffice)
to tell emacs that you want it to enable colors.

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