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Roy Smith rasmith1959 at
Sat Apr 18 18:33:33 UTC 2009

MG wrote:
> Have got it coming up on the desktop now a blank disc is in thx
> Dunno if it was confused with a hard drive already mounted in /mnt
> 2009/4/18 MG <m.s0128532 at <mailto:m.s0128532 at>>
>     thx tho I don't know where
>     is there something that makes it display the code?
>     I got the codes for my hard drives by typing something in to
>     mount......
>     On 18/04/2009, *Evans Jahja* <smkururu at
>     <mailto:smkururu at>> wrote:
>         MG wrote:
>         > Please can you tell me how I search for and mount it in the
>         terminal?
>         >
>         > On 18/04/2009, Evans Jahja <smkururu at
>         <mailto:smkururu at>> wrote:
>         >
>         >> MG wrote:
>         >>
>         >>> How do I get Ubuntu to read my CD Rom?????
>         >>> mount it???
>         >>>
>         >>     Yup
>         >>
>         >>
>         First, you'll need to know where's your CD Rom (yes, I know
>         it's on your
>         computer, but what I mean is something like '/dev/sdc1')
>         Assuming the drive is '/dev/sdc1' then type this in terminal:
>         sudo mkdir /mount/cdrom/
>         sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mount/cdrom/
>         I think that should do it.
>         <mailto:ubuntu-users at>

I take it you're fairly new to Linux...  Unlike Windows which mounts
your CD drive when you boot the pc, most versions of Linux don't mount a
CD drive until you actually put a cd in the drive tray and close it. 
Then once the cd is ejected from the drive, the drive is unmounted
because there is no media to read.


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